Thursday, May 3, 2007

coming home

Coming home in just two days and I am ready to get back and see every one. Today was back the National Gallery and some more photos. Tomorrow will be buying some more books and getting every thing ready for the flight home. Lynda has been checking costumes to see what we have to do.

Here are a few photos of London that I took today hope you lie them see you all when we get home come on over and talk at may crown and see the slide show in the evening.


Friday, April 27, 2007

Last Day In Malbork

To day was back to the castle and more photos. Yesterday we missed two rooms of Amber. Some of the amber was with in our time so I got the photos that I could.

Then back to the armory for some additional photos on ones that were not clear yesterday.

We then walked across the bridge and tock photos from there trying for the scenic photos. Take a look and let me know.

By the way Kay yes we could us some help cataloging we will see how we can do it. And I am looking forward to see all the horses old and new ones.


Ps both Lynda and My self are looking forward to coming home.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

To day was spent taking 740 photos of the armor and arms, and 710 photos of the in side of Malbork Castle. See link this is to the World Heritage listing and and here is a page from the city.

So here are a few photos for every one

This one is for Anne Marie a kitchen to die for.

Up the stairs to the top of the tower

the top of the tower on a very pretty day'

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


To day we started early and went to the Ethnographical Museum. They have a extensive collection about the trades in the village. From carpenter, pottery to blacksmithing. We got over 600 photos from there on the different trades.

From there we went shopping to kill the time and then went to the Royal Castle to see the Stockholm Roll. We met with Anna Crow and she took us down to the storage area and stated laying out the roll which is now in sheets to make it easer to preserve this magnificent document it is right at 400 years old. I was allowed to take some photos and some came out very nice. I was very surprised at the condition I had been told that it was not very good but it was in very good condition and I was impressed with the workmanship and the condition. One thing that struck me is how well the colors have lasted. But to see these photos you will have to come over I can not publish them at all. Not only did we to view and take photos but Anna also gave us over 80 pages of documentation about the roll and its history and how appears in it. I just can not believe how much good information that we got.

Tomorrow we leave for Malbork


Monday, April 23, 2007

not much

Not much today most of the museums were closed today. We still went around Warsaw and did some shopping and had a good lunch. Tomorrow we have a appointment with the curator of paper at the Royal Castle to see the Stockholm Roll that is not on display. She was very nice and agreed to show us the painting. For those that do not know of it is a painting showing the entrance of one of the queens of Poland in 1605. it has some very nice documentation of the wings and horse equipment used at that time.
The 1st photo is for one of the palace on the water it is lovely and right on a small stream that is mane made.

The 2nd is of the stage to the amptheater on the water.

The 3rd is of a small squeal that I thought was very nice and friendly.

The 4th is of the barbican in old town.

On Wednesday we will be heading to Malbork Castle for 3 days and then back to Krakow and back to England and home we are getting down to the last weeks. I am looking forward to seeing every one.

See you all tomorrow

Saturday, April 21, 2007

To day we went to the national Museum in Warsaw and it was nice. It has a lot of polish art and some other Europeans art. But the big score was a painting showing the allegory of the foolish and wise virgins and it had a Virgin doing bobbin lace. The cool part is that it was from around the 1600 and it showed the bobbins and the pillow also.

Yester day we found a book on the history of polish arms and armor. And it has a lot of the items that we have been looking at.

For those that are interested in horse we are planning on going to the hunt and horsemen ship museum this week. I will post what we find.

really cool item that I will have at may crown for you. But IFor those friend at are monkey girls I found a could only get one so get ready to fork up I am going to put it in the action for the kingdom travel fund.

here are the photos from the last post. this is the back Madonna

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Krakow Express

We made it to Czestochowa were the Black Madonna is by train it was only a 2 ½ hr trip. The trip up to Czestochowa was fun and we did not have any problems with the train or the trip. The main reason to go to Czestochowa was to see the Monastery’s Armory that was recorded in the guide book as having a collection of arms and armor.

The armory museum had about 20 sabers some halberds and two sets of Chain Mail armor. It was very disappointing. But the opening of the Black Madona was very special. I did get a video of it to share with you when we get back.

The monastery is a fine example of a 15c fortification and I did get photos of it for the class in medieval and renaissance fortifications that I am thinking of teaching. The tower in this photo is the bell tower for the cathedral at the monastery and thy allow people to clime to close to the top and yes we went up as far as you can go. It is a lot of steps and a lot coming back down.

Here is a photo of the Black Madonna after they opened it for viewing. It is a very gorgeous and historic Icon.

So that is what we did on Tuesday. We then headed back to the train station to go back to Krakow because tomorrow we were heading to Warsaw.

Now to the Krakow Express we were going to tack the 1740 train back to Krakow and we got to the train station with plenty of time spare. To help people with getting the right trains they put under the call out sign for the train how many minuets that the train is late. We did not know this at the time and did not think about the 100 under the call out. We were to find out latter that the 100 under the call out meant that the train was 100 minutes late. So the time came for the train to arrive and then went with no train to Krakow and we are still standing on the landing. But then 1 hr later a train showed up with Chazow on the front. We boarded the train and I tried to ask a conductor if this train also went to Krakow and I thought he said yes and Lynda was already on the train. We found out just as the train was leaving the station that it would not go to Krakow! So there we were going to the wrong city and know being able to speak the language with a ticket for Krakow not for Chazow. The conductor just shook his head when he realized what happened.

Thanks to the help of some people on board we were able to find out that the next to the last stop Katowice hade a train that went to Krakow. So there were going to Chazow on a train that stopped at every little hutter vill thankfully it also stopped at Katowice. We finally made it to Katowice at 21:30 and found out the train we wanted was on the next platform. We went over and were told that our ticket would not work because this was an express and we had the other type of ticket and it was not for this train, but that the train on the nest platform would take our ticket and it was going to Krakow. But to hurry because that train was leaving very soon. We jumped over and I started to talk to the conductor just as the train was pulling out of the station. He stopped the train and told us that this train was also not the Train we wanted and to get off of his train before we went to another wrong city. We then found that the train we wanted was to arrive in just a few minuets. Yes we made it but it also was one that stopped at every little stop. So instead of a 2 ½ hr trip it ended up taking almost 6 hrs. What fun you can have in a foreign country when things go wrong. But we also were reworded with the kindness of those that could and did help. So all in all it was a rewording time. Also the conductors got a good laugh at the stupid Americans. So that is the Krakow Express story!

So to day we got up and made it to the train station and did not have any problems and are in the hotel in Warsaw and looking back on yesterday as a fun adventure that will be fun to tell from time to time.

So here are a few photos of the trip of the country and just sight seeing.

We have a very bad connection so no photos at this time I am sorry I will repost this latter but yes we are still alive